Saturday, July 24, 2010

My first information is an urgent information to my people is to be aware of fraudulent messages that may be dump or send to their e-mail box to be aware of.
Please and please, when you get an email from
people claiming to be MTN or your bank etc,
never click on the link in that email.

It is known as a phising scam used to dupe
people of their security codes including the
passwords of your ATM

Below is an example of one of those SCAM mails
sent to people using:

Dear GT Bank Customer,

This is to inform the general public that on Friday 02/07/2010, the GTB Bank Network Server hosting was infected with an Mpack Multi-Pertite Malware (a computer virus used by cyber criminals to access and steal information from a database).

Though it is still unclear how many ATM & Internet Banking Information have been infected with the virus, computer security experts say 30% of ATM & Internet Banking Informations on the network would have been infected. As at 9:00am local time, we had received 117 complaints of unauthorized cash withdrawals from Bank Accounts through ATM & Internet Banking.

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