Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Advancement and Religion

Why do the so-called 'non-religious' people performed better than the so-called 'religious' people?  I will be sharing some wise words I came across from Chine Ezekwesili:

"We want spiritual salvation and also earthly one. While doing nothing but praying to achieve both. We are not ready.
What is the point of God creating you and giving you free will, if you're using the free will to ask that she/he decides everything for you?
It's the reason why irreligious countries/people perform better. They don't leave their responsibilities to God, or ask that s/he decides for them.
Prayer helps with assurance that you can do it, but that's it. God isn't going to come tinkering around your destiny. You control that.
People praying to be Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates, difference is they both didn't pray to be become who they are, they worked to become it."
To be continued............

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